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Telemetrics Intros Camera Control Software

The new TeleSoft Camera Control Automation software package from Telemetrics provides easy remote control of Canon’s BU and Sony’s BRC series of cameras. The new application allows operators to fully control up to eight cameras via either a touch screen or mouse interface, and can accommodate up to 16 preset configurations.

“The TeleSoft software was engineered with simplicity and ease of use in mind and enables users to more easily and readily enjoy the benefits of these integrated PTZ cameras,” said Anthony Cuomo, Telemetrics vice president and general manager. “It’s a powerful yet affordable solution that fits the demands of today’s production and recording environments.”

The software package is Windows-based and can also be used with an optional DirectX Gaming joystick control. In addition to controlling camera movements, focus and elevation, TeleSoft provides complete operator control of camera video performance. In addition to Canon and Sony cameras, the system can control Telemetrics robotic pan and tile heads and other broadcast cameras.