Telecast introduces Adder II BoothPak

Telecast Fiber Systems has introduced production models of the new Adder II audio multiplexer system series, highlighted by the Adder II BoothPak announce-booth and front-of-house audio configuration.

The BoothPak system is intended for applications that require multiplexing multiple audio, intercom and data signals onto a single-fiber wavelength.

The BoothPak will accommodate 48 channels of analog or AES audio, up to eight intercom channels, four full duplex data paths (232, 422, 485), and four GPI closure circuits. redundant optics and power, an integrated signal generator and analyzer, and microphone gains and phantom power on analog inputs also are standard.

Audio quality is ensured with 24-bit encoding, latency of less than 500 microseconds, and a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 100dB.

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