Telecast Fiber Systems unveils Thor family of fiber-optic interfaces

Telecast Fiber Systems has introduces its new Thor family of fiber-optic interfaces for conversion and handling of DVI signals in a wide range of broadcast and professional AV applications.

The new Thor product line includes the Thor-S, a combination multiplexer, repeater and crosspoint switcher, and the Thor-C line of analog converters and extenders. The Thor family also features two fiber-optic extenders: the Thor-EU for uncompressed video signals and the Thor-E for compressed DVI signals.

The Thor-S series multiplexer, repeater and crosspoint switcher supports the DVI graphics interface (DVI-D) and, depending on the device, USB-driven human interface devices, such as a keyboard/mouse, touch screens, graphics tablets and barcode readers. As a multiplex repeater, the device supports transmission of signals up to 140m over CATx or up to 10km over single-mode fiber to the remote unit. As a crosspoint switch, the Thor-S can switch up to eight ports using a basic IR operator keypad or via push-button switches on an external serial interface device.

The Thor-C family of analog converters and extenders enables users to take maximum advantage of flat-panel display devices using DVI signal connections for a wide range of signal source types.