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Telecast Fiber Systems Launches CommLink

WORCESTER, MASS.: Telecast Fiber Systems announced the launch of the TR6442i CommLink, a fiber-optic transceiver system designed to carry two intercom channels over a single strand of fiber spanning distances of more than 40 kilometers. The CommLink was developed for outside broadcasting applications in mind, including television sports and special events programming, as well as for any type of A/V installation, such as theme park and theater installations, corporate events, and industrial testing environments, that requires the ability to transport intercom signals over long distances.

The CommLink features advanced auto-nulling hybrid technology, making it easy to interface to industry-standard party line and matrix-style intercom systems. When in two-wire mode, the CommLink will extend two channels of a Clear-Com party-line system or a RTS two-wire intercom system. When no intercom power supply is available, the CommLink transceiver can act as a power supply for up to five intercom belt packs. In four-wire mode, the system creates a fiber-optic connection from a matrix frame to two remote matrix stations, using either Clear-Com Matrix Plus or RTS ADAM, Cronus, or Zeus systems. All remote matrix stations are fully functional, with illuminated alphanumeric displays and call signaling.

Alternately, the CommLink system’s auto-nulling hybrid permits the easy interconnection of two-wire intercom to four-wire systems, featuring the fastest, easiest setup of any two-to-four-wire hybrid in the industry. In addition, each end of the system can act as a stand-alone two-wire-to-four-wire interface, permitting connection of a four-wire intercom matrix to a two-wire intercom system or a series of stand-alone belt packs.