Telecast Fiber Systems introduces TeleCube interface

The TeleCube Modular Media Interface offers active input/output connectors to enable flexible product configuration.
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Telecast Fiber Systems unveiled its new TeleCube Modular Media Interface (MMI) family of 3G transmitter and receiver modules at IBC2009.

Developed for OEM applications, the TeleCube MMI system offers broadcasters a flexible I/O solution for distribution of HD-SDI signals via fiber optics as well as copper cable.

Combining a number of features such as lasers, detectors, EQ and state-of-the-art line drivers and receivers in a compact, integrated package, each TeleCube MMI module allows a single I/O port to be configured as an input or output for either fiber or copper. By plugging a TeleCube onto any FPGA-based device, engineers can instantly configure the device for 3Gb/s optical or electrical input and/or output.