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Telecast Fiber adds Ethernet control, new enclosure to T-POV links

Telecast Fiber Systems made the U.S. debut of its next-generation T-POV links for robotic cameras at the 2011 NAB Show.

Introduced in September at IBC 2010, the new T-POV family of fiber-optic video/data transceiver modules delivers the functionality of its original HD/POV solutions and options for Ethernet control and ruggedized mini-mussel shell field enclosures.

Telecast Fiber Systems' T-POV modules enable remotely operated, robotic POV camera systems to be connected via fiber, which enables unique points of view and camera angles at sports venues and other locations where human-operated cameras are not feasible.

The T-POV modules handle all of the signals typically required for POV cameras, including HD-SDI video, remote pan/tilt/zoom, camera control, and trilevel sync/genlock, audio and tally/GPIs. The addition of Ethernet support permits use of the industry’s new generation of Ethernet-controlled cameras and robotic heads.