Tektronix upgrades waveform monitors

Tektronix has extended the capabilities of its WFM700 series of multiformat video waveform monitors.

The new firmware has several new features:

  • For content monitoring, a new multi-axis display of surround-sound audio shows audio levels, total sound volume, phantom sound sources, and the dominant sound source to enable the efficient adjustment of surround-sound audio content.
  • All WFM700 models can now display safe area graticules on the picture display to help editors correctly position action, graphics or text in the video image.
  • New automated measurement of six eye pattern parameters, including rise and fall overshoot, plus a histogram of eye pattern signal levels, that help engineers to detect physical signal problems earlier and diagnose them more quickly.

All new WFM700 units will ship with this firmware and customers with previously purchased WFM700 models can download a free firmware upgrade from the Tektronix Web site.