Tektronix Unveils 33 GHz Oscilloscope

BEAVERTON, ORE. Tektronix announced four new DPO/DSA70000D Series oscilloscope models with real time sampling rates up to 100 GS/s on two channels and 33 GHz analog bandwidth on four channels. These new products include models for 25 and 33 GHz bandwidths.

Incorporating lightning-fast technology using IBM’s 8HP silicon germanium (SiGe) chipset, Tektronix engineers have integrated high-speed bipolar transistors directly on the same die as standard CMOS, enabling the new oscilloscopes to deliver the fastest rise time on multiple channels of any real time oscilloscope on the market. Such high-sensitivity, low noise measurement capabilities are required for accurate characterization of high speed optical, RF and serial data measurements beyond 20 Gb/s data rates.

Key advancements include a real-time sample rate performance of 100 GS/s on two channels and 50 GS/s on four channels both at 33 GHz. Tek says it’s the “first to offer 33 GHz bandwidth on four channels with 10 terasamples equivalent time sampling to bring unmatched signal visibility to real time oscilloscopes for both design and manufacturing applications.” Input sensitivity is 62.5mV full scale (6.25mV/div) for better visibility of low amplitude signaling common in LVDS-based standards.

With 76 percent of Tektronix customers using third-party software, the new oscilloscopes introduce DataStore, an advanced data processing pathway. With third-party tools like MATLAB or Microsoft.NET languages, users can insert waveform data processing algorithms directly into the scope’s application and display system. The DPO/DSA70000D provides the four-channel accuracy required for PM-QPSK modulation analysis. The 70000D Series works with the Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzer from Optametra, which was recently acquired by Tektronix, for visualization and measurement of optical PM-QPSK or QAM16 and other complex-modulated signals.

Worldwide shipments of the DPO/DSA70000D models will begin in Q4 2011. The four available models include DPO73304D and DSA73304D at 33 GHz bandwidth and DPO72504D and DSA72504D at 25 GHz bandwidth. Pricing starts at $202,000 U.S. MSRP.