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Tedial Meets Criteria for DPP Native Support

MALAGA, SPAIN – Having met the criteria for the DPP’s Compliance Program, Tedial’s Enterprise Tarsys Media Asset Management platform has achieved AMWA certification.

Tarsys met AS-11 DPP Certification Level Criteria, determined by the DPP Compliance Program and UK DPP Broadcaster Technical Delivery Specification. Its native DPP support provides efficient workflows for archiving, processing and delivery of AS-11 UK DPP files, which allows for automation at any point in time.

DPP support means all media files delivered to UK broadcasters meet compliance regulations and have necessary metadata attached. Tarsys now also provides native support for reading, extracting and validating AS-11 UK DPP content. Native support for writing DPP files also eliminates a need for an external editor. Operators can use Tedial tools to add subtitles, audio files and additional metadata as required to create a new DPP compliant version of a media file.

Tedial is a provider of software-based content and content management tools based in Malaga, Spain.

For more information on DPP, read “DPP is Ready to Roll”