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Technicolor and Qualcomm Collaborate on Terrestrial-LTE-Android STB

AMSTERDAM—Technicolor and Qualcomm Technologies are collaborating on a new set-top box they’re calling “SVELTE,” for Stimulating Video Experience over LTE, featuring LTE technology, terrestrial broadcast, Android OS, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor. SVELTE’s LTE module is said to allow for unicast content to complement broadcast content.

Michel Rahier, president of Connected Home for Technicolor, said the Snapdragon allowed Technicolor to “swiftly integrate its core set-top box software assets into high quality Android deliveries, reducing the time to market while focusing on the 10-foot screen experience.”

Qualcomm Technologies’ Snapdragon chipsets feature LTE multiband support designed for seamless connections to what it described as some of the fastest networks around the globe, allowing users to download and share large files, as well as stream rich HD content. Technicolor unveiled the set-top at IBC, along with an HEVC Wi-Fi networkable media server with 4K 60p capability, according to Rapid TV News.