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TBS standardizes new digital center with Thomson Grass Valley

Thomson Grass Valley systems will be used in four separate divisions within Turner Broadcast (TBS) for HD and multi-format mobile production.

The systems will be used to produce, distribute, and manage the flow of programs and commercials to, from, and within Turner's new Network Operations Center in Atlanta, and to facilitate programming for various domestic and international networks.

As part of a company-wide transition to digital signal routing, CNN in Atlanta and New York have upgraded to the latest Grass Valley routing switchers; Turner Entertainment Network (TEN) is expanding its existing Grass Valley routing systems; Turner Studios is deploying a new Trinix chassis for HD signal routing; and the TBS satellite teleport is deploying two large Trinix routers and four smaller Grass Valley systems for satellite feed reception and distribution. The division is also deploying several Jupiter control systems to manage the hundreds of multi-format source feeds it handles daily.

The Grass Valley routers being installed at TBS connect a wide range of broadcast-related components, letting them exchange information easily. Grass Valley production switchers, like the one being installed in the new Turner all-HD truck, serve as the hub of a broadcast control room, bringing to air the specific camera shots and digital effects that TV watchers see in live news, entertainment, and sporting events.

Deployment is expected to be complete in time for the launch of Turner Entertainment Networks' (TEN) new TNT HD, on May 17. The Thomson technology installed will also support Turner’s multifaceted portfolio that includes CNN, Turner Studios and the TBS satellite teleport facility.

In addition to signal routing, TBS has deployed a Grass Valley Kalypso HD video production center switcher for an all-HD production truck designed for live multi-format production of sports and entertainment events.

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