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TBS’ “Conan” show gets laughs with Grass Valley gear

A full complement of Grass Valley equipment has been installed on the Hollywood studio lot to support Conan O’Brien’s new TBS talk show “Conan.”

NEP Broadcasting, a provider of mobile and fixed broadcast facilities, has installed multiple Grass Valley K2 media servers, three K2 Summit production clients running ChannelFlex, three K2 Dyno Replay Controllers on a K2 production SAN, a K2 Dyno Production Assistant and a 180 x 256 Trinix NXT router.

The gear was installed in a new production studio built on Stage 15 on the Warner Bros. Studios lot in Burbank, CA. Conan debuted on TBS on Nov. 8.

The HD post-production system provides the capability to iso-record the show’s nine studio cameras and control live replays, with content immediately available for editing on Apple Final Cut Pro NLEs. In addition, the show’s technical director uses a K2 Solo media server for playback of key/fill material under direct control. The Grass Valley multiformat servers will support all types of file-based video and audio production for the show.

Key Code Media, a West Coast-based systems integrator, was responsible for the design and implementation of all post-production systems for the project (K2 SAN, Final Cut integration and graphics).

The systems integrator also supplied the 96TB K2 SAN storage, K2 BaseCamp Express, and Apple Final Cut and graphic workstations, networking them together with the K2 Summits, K2 Solo media servers, K2 Dyno Replay Controllers, and K2 Dyno Production using a 4Gb/s Fibre Channel SAN infrastructure.