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Tandberg Television Encoders Head for the Olympics

NBC is using Tandberg Television MPEG-4 video processing technology as it covers the Beijing Olympic Games this month. The network will be processing its high-definition video being sent to the United States with the company’s EN8090 HD MPEG-4 AVC encoder units.

“Preparing for this major event required us to make very careful equipment, vendor and solution choices,” said Dave Mazza, senior vice president, NBC Olympics Engineering. “Selecting Tandberg Television for this project was easy. Their rock-solid contribution and distribution products and the expertise of their team members allow us to continually raise the bar and provide our viewers with exceptional picture quality.”

The Beijing Games will mark the first time MPEG-4 AVC will be used for HD content contribution. In addition to the MPEG-4 encoders, NBC will also use several other Tandberg products in connection with coverage of the Games, both at the International Broadcast Center in Beijing and at its United States operation. These include multiplexers, receiver/decoders, modulators, IP adapters and control equipment.