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TAG Launches Support for JPEG XS

TAG Video Systems
(Image credit: TAG Video Systems)

TEL AVIV, Israel—TAG Video Systems has announced that it will support JPEG XS, a move that will make it easier for companies to move live production into the cloud using the high quality, low latency JPEG XS format. 

JPEG XS provides all the benefits of uncompressed IP workflows over long-distance remote and cloud production environments without the expense and complexity of engineering and implementing an uncompressed network and cloud connectivity, the company noted. 

Adding support for JPEG XS to TAG’s MCM-9000 probing, monitoring and multiviewing platform allows customers to directly and natively monitor and view JPEG XS sources, eliminating the need to decode or convert them to other standards.

According to Kevin Joyce, TAG’s Zero Friction Officer, integration of JPEG XS into the MCM-9000 was instigated by Fox for its cloud Media Center in Tempe, Arizona running in AWS to enable low-latency, cloud-based playout for live workflows, and also by NBC Olympics for coverage in Tokyo.  

Joyce also noted that JPEG XS will have many benefits to many others. “Finding a workable, effective and budget-pleasing path to production in the cloud using compression technologies is becoming a huge priority for our broadcast customers,” he said. “JPEG XS potentially reduces cloud bandwidth and network utilization by 90% without sacrificing quality or latency. So, it was a no-brainer for us; we added support to our MCM-9000 platform, the first in a cloud monitoring platform to offer it natively.  We're also the only monitoring, probing and multiviewing solution that offers both JPEG 2000 and JPEG XS support without requiring a GPU or FPGA,  which allows our customers to run in much more economical cloud instances.”