T1 Used By WSJU For Cable Delivery

San Juan’s WSJU is distributing live MPEG-4 video over a single T1 line with the Envivio 4Caster 3500 realtime MPEG-4 encoder and the Envivio 4View 4010 MPEG-4 decoder to transmit live video and audio to a local cable TV network.
WSJU is the first broadcaster in Puerto Rico to deploy MPEG-4 technology for live video contribution over T1 lines. With IP transmission over T1 lines, live content is encoded at below 1.5Mbps, which is less than half of the bandwidth required by conventional MPEG-2 encoding formats.
“By using the Envivio 4Caster MPEG-4 encoder, we are able to deliver our programming using a single, low-cost T1 line,” said Angel Roman, president of WSJU. “The use of a T1 line allows us to extend the reach of our network cost effectively and reach more subscribers. We now reach more than 140,000 Adelphia Cable TV subscribers.”