Sunbrite Intros All-Weather HD

Sunbrite has introduced a 32-inch HD-ready, all-weather LCD monitor designed for outdoor installation. The unit (Model 3200HD-Pro), according to the company, is 1366 x 768, 800 nits of brightness, and a 1200:1 contrast ratio. The unit features a corrosion-resistant, powder-coated, aluminum enclosure that protects internal components from rain, dirt, insects and other elements.

According to Sunbrite, a designer and distributor of opto- and photo-electronic components for board-level and front-panel applications headquartered in Palatine, Ill., an anti-reflective, impact- and scratch-resistant window that protects the screen is built into the enclosure of its TV cabinetry. The speakers (and controls) are sealed against moisture.

The 32-inch unit is suitable for extreme weather with a baffled and filtered dual-fan airflow system that will keep the unit cool up to 122 F degrees, the company said. In cold climates, an internal thermostatically controlled heater activates automatically when the set's internal temperature dips to 32 F freezing. A heater provides a 20 F temperature rise, allowing the TV to safely remain outdoors in temperatures as low as -24 F (for maybe watching those Stanley Cup playoffs outdoors in HD).