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Suitcase TV travels to IBC

Suitcase TV will showcase three new products at IBC2008. The Aqua range is a suite of integrated, modular products for a variety of media handling applications that includes Metadata Editor, for browsing video and audio, and TrakStak, for adding, replacing or synchronizing audio tracks. Metadata Editor makes it possible to browse video and audio, while creating or editing compliance information that is time code-based and frame accurate. It can accept SD/HD video in multiple formats (e.g. 50i, long GOP, Windows Media) and uses both browse and broadcast-quality media.

TrakStak makes it possible to add, replace or move audio tracks for previously ingested media 80 times faster than real time. Because TrakStak works directly with the video on the server, there is no need to reingest media. TrakStak can handle both HD and SD content.

Suitcase will also show TimePlus, a complete solution-in-one-box for recording ASI or SDI transmissions wherever there’s an application that requires a time delay between the capture/recording of a program stream and its replay. It is particularly suitable for disaster recovery and channel playout. The TimePlus5 SDI captures and records up to five hours of uncompressed SDI video and audio.

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