Studer upgrades all Vista Series desks

Swiss console maker Studer has upgraded the DSP backbone of its entire Vista range of consoles with the introduction of the smaller, more powerful SCore Live DSP platform. Occupying just 6RU of space, the system provides for up to 10 DSP card slots, and can also hold up to 12 I/O cards of various formats and additional GPIO. A new facility in the DSP allows delays of up to 10 seconds to be added to signals in order to compensate for video delays caused by satellite links.

SCore Live is user-configurable to maximize the use of the DSP in different applications, allowing the user to specify and purchase the optimum amount of DSP for current needs without compromising future production requirements. Studer’s System Configuration Editor software, available as an option, allows the client to take the factory-defined settings and make adjustments on a job-by-job basis, including changing the number of input channels, busses and outputs. Even the signal flow capabilities within the console may be changed on an application basis, making the Vista console one of the most flexible digital desks on the market.

The SCore Live maintains full redundancy, including power supplies and DSP cards. In the unlikely event of a hardware failure, any unused DSP card will almost immediately take over the processing. A redundant link between desk and core is available, as is a redundant communication card. In the case of a total system power loss, the core will boot independently of the desk and pass audio in less than 10 seconds, recalling the last audio settings before the power failure.

Users with existing Vista Series consoles will be able to upgrade to the new SCore Live.

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