Streambox Live Pro Targets 4G Cell Networks

Streambox has launched Streambox Live Pro, a new enhanced version of the its IP-based video contribution Streambox Live Service. Streambox Live Pro enables remote reporters and citizen journalists to upload compressed live video streams to broadcast studios through Internet-based Streambox Live Data Centers located at multiple points around the world. Streambox Live Pro’s uncapped bandwidth, Advanced Audio Encoding (AAC), and Full D1 resolution will take advantage of emerging 4G cellular networks, which will allow more video content to be transported, and at a higher quality. In addition to Streambox Live Pro, the original version of Streambox Live will be available with added IFB communication, an increased bit rate up to 750 kilobytes per second (kbps) and higher resolution capabilities up to 1/2 D1; offering users two different robust video service options to choose from. Both Streambox Live and Streambox Live Pro are compatible with the entire Streambox Platform of professional quality HD/SD video products to enhance breaking news coverage for scalable low cost video contribution.

“Using Streambox Live Pro’s uncapped bandwidth over a 4G network as a video delivery solution raises the bar for newsgathering. Broadcasters can enhance breaking news stories with professional quality ad hoc video content that is acquired via a scalable multiplatform,” said Bob Hildeman, chairman and CEO of Streambox. “The ability to transmit live high-quality HD/SD video reliably for a low cost, even in remote or densely congested locations, gives field newsgathering a powerful advantage by increasing the flexibility, reach, and quality of their breaking news and real-time reporting.”

Streambox Live Pro’s uncapped bandwidth enables broadcasters to take advantage of the entire bandwidth available on their chosen 3G/4G cellular, Wi-Fi, LAN, or other Internet network. This advantage allows broadcasters to develop breaking news stories with ad hoc broadcasting content that has higher and more professional quality up to full D1 resolution. Streambox Live Pro is designed for broadcasters to efficiently collect unlimited amounts of video from video journalists, stringers, field reporters, etc., and provides the necessary infrastructure to turn viewers into contributors for a low cost.