Sony Creative Software releases Visual Effects Suite for Vegas

Sony Creative Software has announced the availability of Vegas Movie Studio Visual Effects Suite.

The new software combines the video and audio editing tools found in Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 with the special effects of HitFilm Standard, from UK-based FXhome. The Vegas Movie Studio Visual Effects Suite provides a comprehensive solution for aspiring filmmakers and video editors to create premium special effects for their creative projects.

Vegas Movie Studio Visual Effects Suite meets the needs of budget-minded filmmakers and hobbyists who desire the capability to create movies with visual effects using world-class applications that are now available at affordable prices. Sony combines the editing platform with a solution that provides an array of animated effects, color grading options and realistic particle generators.

With a robust visual effects toolset — including 3D compositing and green screen capabilities — the Vegas Movie Studio Visual Effects Suite gives users everything they need to produce and distribute high-quality content to popular online services like Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook.

Key features include 2D layer compositing, which allows users to blend layers together to create visual effects such as invisibility, with intuitive and sophisticated layering tools. In addition, 3D compositing allows the adding of predesigned 3D particle effects like smoke, fire, explosions and shockwaves, plus extra layers of realism with automatic lighting and shadow effects.