Solid State Logic Helps Cover FIFA World Congress

MEXICO CITY—When the 66th FIFA World Congress kicked off in Mexico City, Solid State Logic’s SSL Network I/O: SDI was used as a core component for Evident Productions’ infrastructure. The production company utilized the SSL Network for embedding, de-embedding and distribution, using a Dante Audio-Over-IP network as the source.

Feeds were provided for more than 20 international broadcast networks that were covering the event. The audio source was taken from the Dante Break Out connections on the Lake LM26 processors and contained six different translations, plus the main left and right house channels.

The Network I/O: SDI was connected to the redundant Dante network and audio was embedded into several video formats—1080i, 720p and 480i—and passed onto the broadcasters. The platforms multi-format I/O options on the box can help provide whole-system redundancy by connecting both to the source.

The SSL Network I/O: SDI has eight 3G-SDI paths with embedders and de-embedders for 16 audio channels, and provides bi-directional bridging between three formats simultaneously: embedded SDI Audio, Dante and MADI. Additional features include channel-by-channel routing, full broadcast spec redundancy, and sample rate conversion in the audio path to and from SDI.