Softel Announces Automated Synch for Subtitles and Captions

PANGBOURNE, ENGLAND: Softel has announced two new products for creating and repurposing caption and subtitle files. Softel has partnered with Nexidia to create the new Swift ReSync line.

Swift ReSync TiGo automates the timing of new subtitles and captions as they are created, and Swift ReSync Enterprise automates the re-timing of existing subtitle and caption files to match newly edited programs, ready for automated re-airing.

By adding the Swift ReSync TiGo option to the Swift Create workstation, operators are freed from the time task of manually setting the timing for each new subtitle and caption. Using Nexidia's patented dialogue analysis as well as Softel’s proprietary algorithms, Swift Create instantly assigns timecodes to subtitles and captions automatically. This is achieved by taking account of recorded speech, shot change information, reading speed calculations and other considerations to free up valuable subtitler/captioner time. The systems offer support for multiple languages including Arabic (modern standard), Dutch, English (North American, Australian and U.K.), French (European), German, Italian, and Spanish (Castilian and Latin American).