SMPTE Honors Best In Motion Imaging

SMPTE announced its award winners for outstanding achievement in the motion imaging industry, and will present the awards at a ceremony to take place Nov. 12 during the SMPTE Technical Conference and Exhibition in New York.

This year's recipient of the Progress Medal is former SMPTE president Stanley N. Baron for his contributions to digital television and worldwide DTV standards. The award recognizes progress in the engineering phases of the motion picture, television or motion imaging industries.

Cinematographer George Spiro Dibie will receive the Eastman Kodak Gold Medal Award, which recognizes contributions that lead to unique educational programs utilizing motion pictures, television, high-speed and instrumentation photography or other photographic sciences.

Thomas G. Wallis, who recently retired from Kodak, will receive the Technicolor/Herbert T. Kalmus Gold Medal Award for his work in the development of color films, processing, techniques or equipment useful in making color motion pictures for theater or television use.

SMPTE's Annual Honors and Awards Ceremony will be held at the New York Hilton. For more information about the conference, or to purchase tickets, visit