SMPTE Fall Conference Focuses on 3D

HOLLYWOOD, CALIF.: TV and movie engineers will get a big dose of 3D next week in Hollywood. The fall conference of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers will feature multiple 3D session and discussions, including the opener sponsored by Disney and featuring Rob Engle from Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Dolby Labs, Fox Network, DTS, and RealD will be on hand with 3D input. Stereoscopic production techniques and 3D distribution will be covered. One technical session will cover the multiview 3D technology required to support glasses-free displays and viewing.

SMPTE also announced today that Warner Bros. will sponsor a special reception and screening at its studio of Martin Scorsese’s restoration of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s “The Red Shoes,” from 1948, on Oct. 28 for those attending the conference.

The event takes place Oct. 27-29 at the Hollywood Renaissance hotel in Hollywood. The program schedule is available on the SMPTE Web site.