SMPTE, Baylor and NASA Team on ‘Expanding the Color Universe’ Event

(Image credit: SMPTE)

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.—SMPTE, along with Baylor University and NASA, is set to explore what colors lie beyond RGB as part of its new SMPTE + series, “Expanding the Color Universe: The Next Frontier in Imaging.” Offering a mix of interactive events and on-demand content, “Expanding the Color Universe” is set to take place on June 3.

The first of four SMPTE + series events scheduled for 2021, “Expanding the Color Universe” is inspired by astronauts and how the color they experience in space often does not translate back on Earth. The event will offer information on the “colors between the colors” that lie beyond RGB and toward the outer limit of what the eye can see, according to SMPTE. The half-day event will feature live presentations, chats, demos and panel discussions featuring technologists, creatives and NASA experts, as well as a complementary content library.

Dylan Mathis, communication manager for NASA’s International Space Station program, and Baylor University researcher Corey Carbonara, along with other experts, will be on hand for the event to discuss topics like 6P Color innovations and the expanded color gamut.

Baylor and 6P Color Inc. are collaborating to capture, process and display better color images using novel multiprimary technologies that will be explained during the event. Carbonara describes multiprimaries as a box of crayons with thousands of colors to create an image.

SMPTE + subscribers will gain access to a curated content library prior to the event.

“Expanding the Color Universe: The Next Frontier in Imaging” will take place on June 3 at 10 a.m. ET. For more information, or to register for the event, visit