SMPTE Announces Second Annual ETIA Conference

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, working once again with the Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering, will produce the second annual Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age conference. Scheduled for June 17-18 at Stanford University near Palo Alto, Calif., the conference will explore the technology, creative and business requirements for delivering a compelling, high-quality, monetizable entertainment experience over the Web.

Technology and creative experts will gather at the ETIA conference to explore the differences and commonalities between traditional media and media delivered over the Web, appreciating key attributes and predicting technical trends. Presentations will address topics ranging from the future role of OTT services, to the impact of technology on storytelling and on business models, the translation of "traditional" content to the Web, storytelling across devices, the state of sound and captioning on the Web, the question of fast-lane Internet access, and — in a special evening event — the "entertainment holodeck."

Further information and online registration for the 2014 ETIA conference are available at