Sim Video Becomes Sim Digital

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA: International equipment and production service provider, Sim Video, announced that the company would now operate under the name Sim Digital and adopted a new logo.

The 30-year-old company’s plans to enter new markets key reasons for the name change. Sim Video merged with Bling Digital in 2009 with the intention to create a company that could provide the equipment and file-based workflow solutions. Today, the fully merged company is working on top productions like Steven Speilberg’s “Falling Skies” in Vancouver, “Vampire Diaries” in Atlanta, and the Guillermo del Toro feature, “Pacific Rim,” in Toronto.

Founder and CEO, Rob Sim said the company has experienced significant growth in the past few years and is looking to expand its Bling workflow service offerings in the L.A. market in 2012. Sim’s Bling Digital division provides workflow solutions that include: on-set data management, video assist, digital dailies, LTO tape archiving and post-production equipment provision.