Signiant sits at core of digital content transfer service

Signiant’s Media Exchange (MX) content-sharing solution is at the core of a turnkey digital content transfer service offered by Japanese systems integrator IMAGICA DIGIX. Japan's Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS) recently used the new service, called So-Air, to acquire video content from 21 countries for its "Around the World in 60 Days" program.

In observance of MBS's 60th anniversary, "Around the World in 60 Days" plotted the adventures of Japanese journalist Nishi Yasushi as he traveled to multiple destinations on each continent and sampled the food and local culture along the way. Every day, the engineering team used the So-Air service to file video reports from each location over public Internet connections, with Signiant MX providing an easy-to-use, Web browser-based interface for the transfer. Ranging from 200MB to 500MB, the video clips were rough edited in the field and then transferred to the main MBS studio in Osaka for final editing and broadcast.

Driven by the IP-based Signiant Acceleration Protocol to maximize network efficiency, MX provides a reliable and secure means for users to exchange content with other users, systems and applications regardless of location and the size of the digital assets. MX provides a familiar, e-mail-like interface that enables users to send and receive large files up to 200 times faster than TCP, and with 95-percent network efficiency. For highly secure content transfers, MX features internal or integrated directory services authentication and authorization, with encryption for browser sessions and file transfers.