SGI Release Data-Sharing Systems

SGI has released the upgraded CXFS 2.1 shared filesystem software for multiplatform storage area network (SAN) environments, which now has support for the Sun Solaris and Windows NT operating systems. The company has also introduced the SAN Server 1000, a turnkey system that integrates CXFS software with SAN hardware infrastructure to deliver seamless file sharing across platforms running different operating systems.

CXFS helps system administrators manage data-intensive workflows. Features include:

*Reduce costs by centralizing and consolidating storage
*Reduce data duplication
*Lower administration costs
*Removal of local area network bottlenecks
*Improvement of the application workflow

SGI's SAN Server 1000 is an integrated, out-of-the-box SAN system that simplifies the deployment of a SAN. It features:

* A Brocade Fibre Channel switch for optimum data availability
* A 2Gbit Fibre Channel RAID for high-speed access to data
* High-bandwidth capabilities
* Configurations that scale to 29 TB of storage
* A file system that can support nine billion files