SES AMERICOM launches HD SNG neighborhood

The new HD satellite neighborhood includes the capacity of two high-powered satellites and a third to be launched next year.
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Another component of HD newsgathering in the field appears to have fallen into place with SES AMERICOM’s launch of an HD SNG neighborhood made up of the high-powered AMC-5 and AMC-6 satellites.

The HD satellite newsgathering service, announced April 10, also offers broadcasters IP-connectivity for voice and data communications with satellite newsgathering trucks.

The SNG neighborhood includes the SkySwitch IP platform, which features both ND SatCom’s SkyWAN and iDirect’s 7000 series satellite router-based service that deliver IP to the SNG truck for remote telephone service, Internet access and communication with the station’s LAN and studio.

SES AMERICOM plans to expand the HD SNG neighborhood with the planned launch of AMC-21 satellite in the second quarter of 2008.

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