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Sensio creates online 3-D viewing database

Sensio, developer of stereoscopic 3-D digital compression, decompression and display formatting technologies, has developed a new website that helps consumers around the world find 3-D events in their area. Visiting Http://, fans of sports, music and entertainment were able to easily locate where to see the culminating matches of the FIFA World Cup in 3-D, reserve a seat via a direct link to online ticket purchasing and find other upcoming 3-D events.

With an interactive search feature, the website includes a list of all the events broadcast live in 3-D around the world; an interactive calendar showing participating cinemas; direct links to ticket sales sites; and several sections dedicated to the history of 3-D and current 3-D technology.

The website also enables cinema chains and theater operators within the Sensio 3D Live Network to reach audiences on an international scale by posting their 3-D live screenings on the website for free.

The Sensio 3D Live Network includes more than 700 cinemas in 28 countries worldwide. As the network grows, fans across the entire globe will be able to enjoy major popular events as if they were there.