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Seagate, Omneon Power NBC Storage for Games

The Omneon MediaDeck media servers and MediaGrid active storage systems used by NBC for its coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics are being equipped with Seagate Barracuda ES Series hard drives.

In China, 20 MediaDeck servers, powered by the Barracuda ES hard drives, are used to digitize and ingest HD feeds. Each MediaDeck server contains both high-resolution and low-resolution codecs to simultaneously create both full-resolution IMX or XDCAM HD files and low-resolution proxy files of all recordings.

The resulting files are transferred, while still being recorded, to the MediaGrid active storage system. Then the Omneon ProCast CDN content distribution system is used to transfer the proxies from Beijing to a second MediaGrid storage system in New York, again powered by Seagate Barracuda ES hard drives. From there, NBC producers can browse, view and edit the files.

“NBC needs to capture every second of every competition at multiple venues in China, quickly turning them into dynamic programming for television and Internet broadcasting—nothing can fall through the cracks,” said Bill Schilling, marketing director at Seagate. “We welcomed the opportunity to work with Omneon to support NBC for its Olympics coverage.”

“Because the workflow must be seamless and the nature of the programming is so significant, we decided to use Seagate’s enterprise hard drives, which are the best fit for our needs in terms of reliability, best-in-class design and unrivaled performance,” said Geoff Stedman, senior vice president of products and markets at Omneon.