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ScheduALL to Launch Executive Advisory Board

ScheduALL has launched its 2008 Executive Advisory Board which will bring together key clients and industry leaders in broadcast and media industries to exchange dialogue with its own executive team. The first non-US meeting is set for 10-11 November in London.

During the two-day meeting, representatives from media and broadcasting companies throughout Europe and Asia will meet with ScheduALL personnel to address specific challenges facing their businesses.

ScheduALL executives will share their insights into the broadcasting and media space, with information they have gleaned from analysts and other industry sources. There will also be presentations from several board members themselves. The meeting will also include an open forum session during which members will offer feedback about ScheduALL's customer care, product functionality, and how they would like to see both the product and company evolve into the future.

Each board member will receive a quarterly report from ScheduALL which describes the progress made on the items discussed in the meeting, going forward.

"Client input is critical to a company's long-term success. We expect our Executive Advisory Board to play a key role in helping us understand the issues that are important to our clients and their businesses, and how we as an organization can continue to add value. The members of the board represent a good cross section of our market, and each is known for its technology innovation and industry leadership," said Joel Ledlow, CEO of ScheduALL. "In my experience, you can buy many types of market research and expert opinion, but none of it is as effective as the feedback and opinions of the trusted community of people who have a vested interest in seeing your company succeed."

In addition to the London meeting, ScheduALL will host Executive Advisory Board meetings in the US from 3-4 November in Los Angeles and on 6-7 November in New York.