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Scalable Display Technologies Used in Discovery's New Global Headquarters

Scalable Display Technologies
(Image credit: Scalable Display Technologies)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—Scalable Display Technologies has announced that technology integrator AV Innovative Design selected it to provide projection edge-blending technologies in Discovery’s new global headquarters in New York City. 

Discovery recently relocated its global headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, to New York City. The new headquarters is designed to be a creative, collaborative environment with an open floor plan and loft-like features. The facility features a ground-floor studio and production space, an outdoor rooftop terrace, a full-service wellness center and a dedicated lobby. 

AV Innovative Design, a New York-based technology integrator, was selected to support Discovery with technology integration at the new headquarters. 

“We were introduced to this project with the goal of blending multiple projectors across the common areas in their new headquarters,” said Garett Widmaier, operations manager for AV Innovative Design. “We had limited space in the building, and we were working with short-throw projectors that were being projected on a glass wall. The projectors were mounted to an older brick ceiling, which created its own challenge. The surface was not even, and because of that, we had to create a level brick surface for both projectors to work cooperatively.”

Widmaier added, “Once we had created an even surface, we needed a solution for the edge-blending. We were working with two projectors on each of the nine floors in Discovery’s facility. Our goal was to blend the two projectors evenly and eliminate the line down the middle of the full-size image. It had to be recreated seamlessly across each floor. We integrated Scalable Display Technologies as a solution for edge-blending because we’ve had great success working with their cutting-edge, reliable technology.” 

“I’ve worked with Scalable on many projects,” said Chen Vanunu, partner for AV Innovative Design. “When it comes to various design challenges and solutions, Scalable is always able to meet the challenge and provide us with a professional, reliable solution. Scalable’s technology is incredibly easy to use. Scalable enabled us to seamlessly blend the images between the projectors. It also allowed us to pinpoint the edges to accomplish the design our clients wanted.” 

Scalable’s software automatically warps and blends multiple projectors into one seamless display. 

“The client is thrilled with the overall result,” said Vanunu. “We started this project on the first floor, and they were happy that we were able to meet their expectations. They asked us to recreate the design across the remaining eight stories. In addition, we’ve started integrating new technology for control systems, audio and video. It’s resulted in additional business for us, as well, which we appreciate. This was an important project for Discovery, and it was imperative that we got it right. The result was overwhelming. We appreciate the technology and support that Scalable provided us with.”