SBS Broadcasting Creates 18 Regional Channels Powered By Pixel Power Channelmaster

Playout services provider, SBS Broadcasting has successfully launched 18 channels of regionalization powered by Pixel Power’s integrated playout technology ChannelMaster.

SBS Broadcasting, based in London, has a wide range of broadcast clients. One — a Swedish channel — wanted to be able to increase its number of regions from four to 18 in order to provide a more flexible advertising offering. Using traditional playout chains would have been prohibitively expensive, so SBS took the opportunity to explore the channel-in-a-box market and selected Pixel Power.

Nine 2-channel ChannelMaster systems play out the 18 regional variants, powered by Pixel Power’s Gallium automation and asset management system during the ad breaks and slaved to the already-installed Aveco Astra automation system at other times. The technology is also integrated with the existing Front Porch Digital archive system, from which it gathers the already-ingested commercial material. The installed scheduling system and workflow provides the playlist for each region with all 18 channels able to be monitored on a single Gallium client.