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Sarasota's Six News Now Upgrades Newsroom to Digital With Omneon Spectrum

Florida cable news station Six News Now (SNN) has deployed a new Omneon Spectrum media server within a tapeless news production and playout environment. Installed as part of the digital upgrade to SNN's Sarasota facility, the Omneon server offers flexible file management and reliable playout to help the station realize dramatic improvements in efficiency and greater overall agility as a content provider.

SNN is using the Omneon Spectrum server system along with Dalet Digital Media Systems' DaletPlus News Suite in a seamless and scalable end-to-end solution for fast production of television news. The overall system bandwidth of the Omneon system, combined with the open native control protocol supported by DaletPlus News Suite, enables tightly integrated edit, ingest, playout, and archiving functionality from a single media server.

Because both Omneon and Dalet solutions are designed to accommodate future IT infrastructures while maintaining interoperability with existing news systems and operations, SNN can better leverage its resources for content creation and quality news production. In addition to the physical cost savings and increased efficiency, SNN's new production workflow will allow for additional growth opportunities such as delivering news to handheld devices.

"SNN has been a pioneer in developing the converged newsroom in which print, television, and Web are joined, and the versatility of our open-architecture server system will give SNN the flexibility it requires for continued advances and innovation within the realm of news production and presentation," said Geoff Stedman, vice president of marketing at Omneon Video Networks. "We're very pleased that the station has chosen to use the Omneon Spectrum server system."

An exceptionally cost-effective and flexible media server designed for the professional television industry, the Omneon Spectrum media server provides a reliable and scalable infrastructure for broadcast playout and storage applications. Omneon's server system is built on an open architecture that allows it to support a broad variety of third-party applications for control and transmission, media management, archiving, and collaborative production. As a result, stored media can be shared among many users and applications.

SNN's newsroom is integrated with the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, which is owned by the New York Times Company. The cable news station, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this July, will be moving its tapeless broadcast operations to a new state-of-the-art facility later in the year.