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Samsung and ONE Media Drive ATSC 3.0 Candidate Standard

ARLINGTON, VA.—The elevation of the “System Discovery and Signaling” to Candidate Standard (A/321 Part 1) is the result of months of joint work and collaboration led by Samsung and ONE Media in conjunction with other broadcasters, the two said in a joint announcment. The so-called “bootstrap” element of the developing standard is an important first step.

“The success we are seeing and the speed in which we are moving to develop the next-generation broadcast platform has the potential to revolutionize our industry and silence our critics,” Sinclair Broadcast Group President and CEO David Smith said. “Next-gen opens opportunities beyond 4K ultra high definition television and mobile. Not only will it allow us to compete with other over-the-top models, it could provide us new revenue streams based on personalized viewing, targeted advertising, broadcast overlay data distribution, vehicular connectivity, and other use applications yet to be developed.”

Smith also commented on the significance of having Samsung’s invaluable support. “Having one of the world’s leaders in consumer equipment manufacturing as our partner in enhancing the future of the broadcast industry, speaks volumes as to how optimistically we view our business going forward.”

Samsung and ONE Media proposed a hierarchical framework comprised of the ‘bootstrap,’ preamble and data framing to meet broadcasters unique requirements. With Samsung’s significant support based on an understanding about the needs and urgency of the broadcast industry, the joint submission was crafted to meet a set of harmonizing requirements that address broadcasters’ needs from the bottom up. The architecture of bootstrap signaling is dynamic and allows for future enhancements, permitting the graceful evolution of the ATSC 3.0 standard as new markets open. This significant collaboration between the global manufacturer, Samsung, and broadcasters paves the way for the approval of this innovative, evolutional technology as the new standard.

“Partnering with Samsung has greatly accelerated ONE Media’s understanding of consumer electronics requirements and has enabled us to optimize our technology framework to meet those needs,” commented Kevin Gage, ONE Media executive vice president of Strategic Development and chief technology officer. “Broadcasters and consumers alike are the beneficiaries of this collaboration. The broadcast ecosystem has a very bright future.”

The alignment of Samsung and ONE Media, working in collaboration with broadcasters, provides the foundation to ensure the innovation and resources required for success are aligned.