Runco introduces 1080p three-chip video projectors

Runco announced two new three-chip DLP, 1080p projectors — the LS-10d and LS-10i. Both are high-performance projectors designed for video theatre applications.

Runco’s LightStyle Series combines state-of-the-art DLP-based SuperOnyx technology with Runco ConstantContrast and Vivix image enhancement and proprietary video processing to achieve deep black levels and significant contrast. Both incorporate the ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) calibration suite for optimal performance.

These calibration tools feature day and night calibration memory settings, individual sharpness and noise reduction controls, programmable image memory selection keys, built-in test patterns and a dark room-optimized remote.

The LS-10i features Runco’s internal video processing for scaling and analog-to-digital signal conversion. The LS-10d ships with Runco’s Digital High-Definition (DHD) external video processor offering the same processing and scaling as well as IR and RS-232 control and enables individual display calibration through the controller.

Designed as a rack-mounted external processor, the DHD offers advanced connectivity options as well as installation flexibility because it can be located next to, and connect directly to, all other source components with a single-wire connection from the DHD to the projector.

The LS-10 projectors are available with Runco’s new CineGlide lens that enables a motorized, mechanical 2.35:1 anamorphic lens to move in front of the standard lens for accurate scope reproduction. Runco CineGlide enables the viewer to switch from 16:9 content to 2.35:1 content, without black bars on the top or side of the image.

The LS-10i will be available in October, and the LS-10d will be available in December.