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RTS Racks Communications

(click thumbnail)The RIB system eases communications transport, setup, and use.To ease communications systems setup and use for one of its broadcast clients during the Games, RTS devised hand-configured rackmount arrays, or RIBs, of its intercom equipment.

The RIB includes 600 ports distributed over three ADAM frames, DBX Series dual bus expanders, KP-32 key panels, RVON VoIP products, Intelligent Trunking Components with telephone interfaces, and products from the RTS Two-Wire line.

RVON VoIP technology and RTS Intelligent Trunking Components make it possible for the 600 potential RIB users in Beijing to connect with matrix frames worldwide.

A 16-channel AIO-16 card in the ADAM matrix helps enable the large number of ports for the system. The card also eliminates the need to manually set key panel addresses by enabling automated unique addressing, which greatly reduces setup time.