Ross Video to show Vision Octane switcher in Europe

Ross Video will introduce the Vision Octane, an 8 MLE switcher, at IBC2010.

Vision Octane offers 35 full-screen HD animation stores, 24 channels of 3-D DVE with WARP capability, 96 inputs and 48 outputs. There are a total of 56 keyers — 32 full keyers, 12 aux key mixer/keyers on the aux bus outputs — and 12 DVE key combiners.

The new switcher can be loaded with one to eight MLEs that can accommodate any production application and be combined with up to nine different control panels.

An optional internal multiviewer is also being introduced for the new switcher. This multihead multiviewer has access to all internal and external sources. Source labels with transparency, full program and preview tallies, and user-selectable source assignments are designed for production control rooms.

The entire Vision series ships with a new 3Gb/s infrastructure as a standard feature. Stereoscopic 3-D capabilities and comprehensive iMag MultiScreen support will also be shown.