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Rorke announces new remote SAN and disaster recovery

Rorke Data, a subsidiary of San Jose-based Bell Microproducts, has announced a new long-distance SAN connectivity solution for nonlinear editing systems (NLEs). Rorke is now representing Entrada’s SilverLine CWDM (Coarse Wave Divisional Multiplex) device, which will connect multiple NLE systems in a SAN configuration that separates clients with up to 100km of fiber-optic cable.

The SilverLine CWDM solution, fitting in a single rack unit, costs far less than traditional metro optic infrastructure connectivity devices, Rorke said, and offers users access to all of the features and advantages a SAN has to offer, including the capability for project collaboration and real-time work.

“The CWDM value-proposition is straightforward,” said Joe Rorke, vice president of marketing for Rorke Data. “We can increase the effective capacity of a given dark fiber connection by leveraging increased bandwidth to port aggregation at a 4:1 utilization rate. Since CWDM is an ‘Optical Extender’ for diverse data networks, users can mix and match other connections such as GigE or SONET over this same single dark fiber. CWDM quickly pays for itself by aggregating multiple types of data over a single strand.”

Prior to CWDM, many in the industry perceived dark fiber to be very expensive. As a result, although many medium-to-large size facilities (or project owners) had invested in a SAN, remote SAN connectivity as an option for collaboration through the integration of dark fiber was not a financially feasible consideration. Similarly, larger facilities typically held the assumption that the current 1:1 ratio and the high cost of using that dark fiber connection was simply the price of doing business.

Applications for CWDM include remote SAN connectivity between video post facilities and film studios, ad agencies and corporate clients; university and corporate campuses; digital video security and surveillance and sports stadium connectivity.

Entrada’s SilverLine CWDM is now available exclusively through Rorke Data.

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