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Rohde & Schwarz Enhances TV Analyzer

Rohde & Schwarz is now offering an upgraded version of the company’s ETL TV Analyzer with a feature set to accommodate Mobile DTV measurements. The new options are now available and allow users to perform all of the necessary measurements and testing involved with the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of ATSC Mobile DTV networks.

The enhanced ETL TV Analyzer capabilities provide all tools for Mobile DTV work in a single package, and also include functionalities useful for setting up single frequency networks (SFNs).

Software option ETL-K320 can determine if the television transmitter being used for the Mobile DTV application is in compliance with the ATSC specifications and whether network coverage is reliable throughout the anticipated service area. Option ETL-K321 allows users to precisely determine frequency offsets of all transmitters being used in a network with a single measurement.

Owners of the Rohde & Schwarz ETL TV Analyzer should contact the company for complete details.