Rogers Media Taps SAM for 4K Broadcast Support

NEWBURY, ENGLAND—After previously testing its 4K broadcast capabilities during a Toronto Raptors basketball game, Rogers Media has announced it will acquire Snell Advanced Media products to support its 4K and HDR broadcasting services. As part of the installation, Rogers Media will add SAM’s Kahuna 9600 switcher, Morpheus automation and ICE Channel-in-a-Box units. Rogers has also installed main and backup 4K sQ servers.

Rogers has had previous experience with the Enterprise sQ servers. The UHD version of the sQ 1800 server stores 4K media as single image files with the goal of avoiding synchronization or alignment errors. The server is coupled to a 4K-enabled version of the Qube editor for recording, editing and playback from a single mainframe. Playback control was from the existing SAM Morpheus installation.

With the Kahuna switcher, Rogers Media can handle multiple formats simultaneously with its FormatFusion 3 technology. An inbuilt multiviewer provides source overview and mixer previews. There are also macro buttons for access of graphics insertion and replay for the switcher’s still and clip stores.

Rogers’ plan to move forward with 4K broadcasts was announced in 2015 and included a series of technical trials and proof-of-concept trials. The Canadian media company’s planned 4K programming package moving forward will feature more than 100 live sporting events, including all Toronto Blue Jays home games for the upcoming 2016 season and more than 20 NHL games.

Rogers Media is a division of Rogers Communications.