RIST Forum Membership Surpasses 100

(Image credit: RIST Forum)

The RIST Forum membership has now reached above 100, following a recent surge in new members. Additions include M2A Media and Grass Valley, which joined as associate members, with the following as affiliate members: Global Tecnologia Digital, Herring Networks, MediaAtmos, OConsortium, Onplay and SEJ Systems Ltda.

Members are committed to adopting the RIST protocol for high-quality, broadcast-grade video over the public internet, and represent all facets of the industry.

Arielle Slama, co-chair, The RIST Forum, said, “Video providers are increasingly looking for quick yet cost-effective ways to distribute video. However, broadcasters need to retain broadcast-grade quality even when using standard internet connections. RIST is enabling that, and as more broadcasters are moving to IP workflows, we are seeing interest in the protocol grow to accommodate that.”

Suzana Brady, co-chair, The RIST Forum, added: “Crossing the 100 milestone is a really exciting achievement for everyone involved in the RIST Forum. The RIST protocol is gaining real momentum, and it is fantastic to see various industry leaders getting behind the protocol.”

For more information on the RIST Forum or to join, please visit the organization’s website.