Riedel Communications NAB2007 Product Lineup

Intelligently designed control options, broader routing possibilities, the world’s first real plug-and-play partyline intercom system, and more headset choices will further extend the universal appeal of Riedel Communications’ advanced intercom technology at NAB2007. The communications pioneer has announced plans to showcase a new series of control panels, a MADI Client Card, a 4-channel Master-Station for its Performer Digital Partyline, and two additions to its headset ranges.

The new 2100 control panels join Riedel’s classic 1000 and 2000 series to offer intelligently arranged, easy-to-operate control options for any Artist intercom infrastructure. Positioned between both panel product lines, Riedel’s new 2100 panels feature 8-digit, high-contrast, full graphic LCD displays, showing label and cross-point level for each talk key. The unique talk buttons are illuminated with definable marker colors to allow instant function identification (e.g. an incoming call with yellow or an activated “Listen to”-function with blue). In addition, the 2100 panels offer features which were formerly only available with Riedel’s premium Artist 1000 LED control panels, such as additional analog line level inputs and outputs, and three GPI/O on the rear side. Like with any Artist panel the series is available in 19“/1RU rackmount and desktop versions.

Riedel’s new MADI Client Card underscores the company’s strategy to advance communications to a higher and more attainable level. The new card provides a MADI interface that allows the tight integration of the Artist intercom platform and audio router systems. Since all Artist intercom control panels are connected to the matrix via standard AES3 signals, it is now also possible to connect intercom panels to the audio router using the audio routers infrastructure for panel distribution instead of laying additional cables. The MADI card also furnishes a convenient solution for bringing other signals between the audio router and the intercom system saving AIO-cards in the audio router and a significant amount of cabling. The MADI-108 G2 client card is cascadable, with each one adding 8 audio channels to the MADI signal up to a maximum of 56 or 64 channels depending on the router’s interface MADI format. The connection from the Artist matrix to the audio router is realized via one COAX or Fiber cable containing all 64 channels. The client card’s fiber interface features Riedel’s flexible fiber option and uses SFP-modules to adjust the card to single-mode, multi-mode or high-power fiber for distances up to 12 miles.

The 4-channel master station Performer CR-4 completes Riedel’s Performer Digital Partyline Series for standalone applications. The 19”/1RU device in combination with the Performer C3 2-channel digital beltpack is arguably the first real plug-and-play partyline intercom system. Thanks to digital technology there is no need for a “2-wire guru”, even in large and complex installations. Any desired combination of beltpacks, split-boxes or desktop-panels can simply be plugged to the Performer CR-4 master station using XLR microphone cables and it is done! In addition to the easy installation the Performer digital partyline series provides noise and hum-free, high quality digital audio with perfect side-tone nulling. The Performer CR-4 features integrated power-supplies to power up to 4 beltpack lines. The color-illuminated buttons for talk, listen and call are ideal for dark environments. Other features include individual volume controls for all four channels, S-Call, Mic-Kill, program-in, IFB and a stage announce function to additional outputs. The device can be operated using a headset or the integrated powerful loudspeaker with a gooseneck-microphone.

Riedel will also introduce the Company’s new headset portfolio, specially designed for digital intercom applications. The Riedel AIR headset is the ideal ultra lightweight, single ear headset with excellent audio quality. The Coolmax exchangeable ear cushions provide comfort for long hours. The Coolmax material, well known in sports and active wear, provides surface channels, which are integrated into the fiber to release warmth faster. The rotatable gooseneck allows the microphone to be worn on either the left or right side. All parts such as ear pads, headband and gooseneck microphone are easily replaceable.

The Riedel PRO headset provides a reliable, high quality professional headset that was designed closely with Beyerdynamic to fit the needs of digital intercom users. The lightweight, closed headset is ideally suited for broadcast applications. The headphone features an efficient neodymium magnet system, a very high reproduction precision and a balanced sound. The soft circumaural earcups and the fully adjustable padded headband are extremely comfortable. The dynamic microphone can be optimally positioned with the flexible gooseneck. The hypercardioid polar pattern guarantees an extremely high-gain before feedback and noise cancellation. The rotatable gooseneck allows wearing of the microphone either on the left or right side. All parts such as ear pads, headband and gooseneck microphone are easily replaceable.

The two new headset lines join Riedel’s classic heavy duty MAX headset that was specially designed for use in areas with high ambient noise levels. It features excellent attenuation abilities and therefore provides optimal hearing protection for its users.