RF Central launches digital fixed links for ENG

RF Central has announced a new family of digital fixed links, the GL series, which provides an ideal solution for studio transmitter link (STL), transmitter studio link (TSL) and intercity relay (ICR) applications. The versatile GL series, with its modular platform, offers the use of different boards, allowing the units to accept analog video, E3, EI (4x), ASI or SDI inputs with the option of mixing signals together and sending all signals over a single link.

The RF Extreme GL series offers broadcasters an extremely flexible SMNP managed modular system to ease the transition to digital television. A variety of flexible options are available allowing the user to configure a system with either internal RF modules or RF outdoor units (ODUs). The systems are available in 2GHz, 7GHz, 13GHz, 18GHz and 23GHz links and are capable of high capacity up to 155Mb/s. These links are ideal for backhaul applications that demand the highest quality HD, SD or mixed signal transmission.

For more information, visit www.rfcentral.com.