Revamped MSG debuts Harris digital signage network

New York's historic Madison Square Garden (MSG) opened its doors to hockey fans last week, signaling the end of phase one of a multiyear renovation that will eventually include a wide variety of new HD production and display technologies for the enjoyment of those in attendance.

The new look inside the arena includes a Harris digital-out-of-home (DOOH) network that displays live HD graphics and other messaging on numerous digital display screens throughout the venue.

The digital display signs and video content are clearly visible in the freshly renovated main concourse, which has been widened and well lit to create a more enticing environment for fans. The fan experience will be further heightened following the completion of the final two renovation phases, which will see the Harris DOOH network expanded to inside the bowl, upper concourses and other areas including two elaborate sky bridges.

"Having the opportunity to participate in what is likely the most complex sports arena transformation in North America and perhaps the world is a huge honor," said Michael Arthur, general manager, sports and live events, Harris Broadcast Communications. "This is primed to be a very robust environment for digital signage content due to the large amount and wide variety of events at Madison Square Garden."

Harris is providing both the digital out-of-home element and a robust core network infrastructure to support content management and playout across multiple signs, with Harris Punctuate business management software now live and managing advertising schedules and placements across the network.

Arthur estimates that about 40 percent to 50 percent of the DOOH network is up and running to align with the first phase of the overall building renovation. The remainder of the DOOH network integration will coincide with phases two and three of the renovation. Diversified Systems (DSI), a systems integration firm based in Kenilworth, NJ, is working with Harris to roll out the entire DOOH network.