Repack TVStudy v2.2 Targets LPTVs

WASHINGTON—The TV channel repack software has once again been updated. TV Study, the software that based on OET Bulletin No. 69, is now in version 2.2, which the Federal Communications Commission’s Office of Engineering and Technology released today.

Vers. 2.2 is said to produce “interference studies for low-power television stations assuming all post-auction transitions have been completed,” though “it does not accurately account for full-power and Class A television stations’ pre-auction and post-auction channel assignments during the transition period.” 

The OET said it “expects to release another updated version of TVStudy in the coming weeks that will enable LPTV stations to conduct interference analyses that correctly consider pre-auction channel assignments as well as post-auction assignments.

LPTV stations should wait for this future release before using TVStudy to conduct interference analyses regarding potential new channel assignments.”

Vers. 2.2 includes an Installation and Upgrade Guide, which enumerates the differences with vers. 2.1; and the post-auction template XML file, which contains the software configuration settings for processing construction permit applications.

OET-69 comprised the metrics used to calculate TV coverage and potential interference for over-the-air digital television 10 years ago. The OET-69 variant dubbed “TVStudy” was first introduced in February of 2013.

The software and related files are on the commission’s TVStudy site.

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