FCC Releases Updated OET-69 TVStudy Software

WASHINGTON -- The FCC Office of Engineering and Technology has released an updated version of TVStudy, its new OET-69 software used to calculate a TV station’s coverage area. Vers. 1 was released on Feb. 4 under a Public Notice by which the commission sought comment, identification of errors, unexpected behaviors or anomalous results.

“As a result of user feedback, OET is today releasing an updated Vers. 1.1.2 of the TVStudy software,” the Office’s Public Notice states. “This update addresses an issue with calculation cell indexing that can result in the population of some cells not being correctly considered, and which may cause the program to crash in unusual instances.”

The update affects only the C code. The Java code graphical user interface is unchanged and it remains the same as in Vers. 1.1.1.

“To facilitate the update process, the 2013Jan_tvstudy_files—which included both the software and all of the required databases—have been replaced with separate files for 2013Apr_tvstudy (software only) and the databases—cdbs, terrain, census—which are unchanged from the initial release,” the OET said.

Therefore, only the TVStudy software, comprising less than 2 MB, needs to be downloaded and updated because the databases remain unchanged.

“It is recommended that all TVStudy users apply this update so that results will match those obtained by the FCC,” the Notice said.

A separate executable file and source code for Debian-based Linux systems such as Ubuntu is also being released along with instructions for configuring the software for use on Debian/Linux platforms. All of these files are available on the FCC website:


OET invites interested parties to provide feedback, and to meet with OET staff regarding the installation and operation of the TVStudy software to help ensure consistent results. Additionally, a non-FCC e-mail user group (list-serve) is open to interested parties at afcce-cdbs@cavellmertz.com.

For further information, contact Mark Colombo at mark-dot-columbo-at-fcc-dot-gov.

The TVStudy Docket Nos. are 13-26 and 12-268.
~ Deborah D. McAdams

February 5, 2013
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