Rascular Tech to Support Elemental Live

CRAVEN ARMS, ENGLAND—Software designers of PC-based video playout control and media management systems Rascular has announced that it will supply control and media management technologies to support Elemental Live, which provides real-time video and audio encoding for linear pay-TV broadcast and live streaming to new media platforms.

Mediant Automation Module

Rascular will provide manual and automated control and media management through multiple products. One of which will be the Helm, a customizable control/monitoring system that facilitates the creation and deployment of PC-based, application-specific control panels and address the manual control requirements. With it Elemental Live will have control of static image keyers, “Motion Image” keyers, input selection, stream display and audio metering, image preview, and single/multi-channel operation.

Helm’s Clockwork module will provide automated control. The scheduling system offers scheduled control of Elemental Live either by time-of-day or playlists. Static keyer, “Motion Image” keyer and input selection are controllable with Helm Clockwork.

Mediant and Mediant Automation Module from Rascular is set to handle media management for Elemental Live. Mediant is a branding media management tool that provides drag and drop media management, while Mediant Automation offers automatic management of secondary event media based on third-party playlist information.